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MAY 18TH: If you are a resident that ended up with broken shards of glass, please contact Repulicservices.com and file a complaint. They are whom picks up our recycling every Monday and the past few months they have left broken debris of glass in our streets. We have had many little feet that have found these.

JUNE 2ND: Erin Jackman resigned from Treasurer position, this has made a position available for any home owner. If interested please contact a current board member.

JUNE 13TH: 2 neighbors mountain bikes were stolen around noon from an open garage, they were home at the time. Police have been contacted. **Please take extra care that this does not happen to your property.

JUNE 15TH: Noise ordinance has changed from 9PM to 10PM due to school being out for the summer. This will change back when school starts back up in the Fall.

JUNE 18TH: Letting neighbors know that if you let your domestic animals out, beware!!! 2 cats now have had Beebe or pellets surgically removed in the past week. Beware!!!

JUNE 19TH: @ 0530 today a prowler was seen leaving a house with a brand new black BMX bike, blatantly scouting homes. He disappeared and 15 minutes later returned to scout another house, was caught in the middle of suspicious behavior at a different house and was chased by the neighbor. The prowler was dressed in all black with a white emblem of FOX dirt bike racing or something similar with a black baseball hat and black bandanna on lower half of face.
Police was immediately notified and witness statement was taken.
This is a local late teens kid and has been seen often in the area with another teen on their bikes. PLEASE LOCK UP YOUR STUFF AT NIGHT AND KEEP EXTERIOR LIGHTS ON.